Frank Mir redeems his Grapplers Quest 2003 loss

Finally, eight years later, Frank Mir has cast the black cloud of that fateful Grapplers Quest loss to Roy Nelson off of himself like some sort of well played Magic relic. In a fight only friends could put on, the two heavyweights let it wang in the first round exchanging knees and heavy blows to the face area and torso.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Frank Mir was throwing knees like Wanderlei and Roy was winging overhand rights like Fedor. Mir gets the best of the exchanges and works the takedowns on an increasingly gassed Nelson. Rinse and repeat for 2 more rounds and Mir is officially “in the mix” in the heavyweight title picture now. While Nelson looks like he really should shed the pounds, as sad as that makes me. I’m a fan of Weird Al.

Mullets go 0-3 on the night.

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