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Fighters gets headkicked KOd, and the ref doesn’t know what to do

Fighters gets headkicked KOd, and the ref doesn’t know what to do

Late last night I tried recollecting the most mind-numbing conversation I overheard, and I pinpointed a moment this past weekend when I was waiting to go on camera for my friend’s music video and one engineer was trying to explain the concept behind History Channel’s Vikings to someone else. This guy managed to retell the most exciting scene in the first season in such a way that it just became dangerous to your own level of boredom to listen to him. Even just writing about it makes me want to slam a pillow over my head and forget that it ever happened.

It’s also important to note that Vikings is going to be truly appreciated at some point in human history when people are over guns, zombies, and vampires on television.

I wish I had a better segue to get to this video, but I don’t. I’ve been up all night thinking about ‘stuff,’ so this sentence will have to do for now. Check out what happens when one fighter gets KOd and the ref appears to be clueless as what to do next.

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