Fedor wants the UFC to offer a better contract

That’s not a direct quote of what Fedor said but my keyboard couldn’t type out ‘arm bar breaking Russian alphabet characters’. Fedor rolls with his Russian/English translating agent that looks remarkably like a young Christopher McDonald (Am I the only person that sees it?) and in a recent interview with Fanhouse, he said (by way of a translating Christopher McDonald) that he would be happy to join the UFC if the contract wasn’t to rigid and “cumbersome”.

Alright, I’ll stop this whole paraphrasing nonsense before I catch a lawsuit, his exact quote was: “If Dana White can offer a contract that’s not one-sided and it’s not cumbersome to the point where we look at it and realize that we can’t fight for him, then we’ll fight in the UFC.” Fedor then goes on to say that “There were a lot of things in there that didn’t make sense and there hasn’t been any movement since then. Generally, one of the main issues was, if I was the UFC heavyweight champion then the contract was basically indefinite. And there were options and extensions, the contract would never end if I was their champion.” [Source]

When Fedor speaks, people better listen (some grizzly bears just don’t listen). If White can give Kimbo a special contract if he wins TUF, then he should definitely work something out for The Last Emperor. I mean, its friggin Fedor Emelianenko. Dude looks like he should be an end boss on Contra.

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