Fedor is now a Godfather

Coincidentally, I watched The Godfather yesterday afternoon and wanted to use at least one reference from the movie in an article I’d write today. That’s how we do things here at MiddleEasy. Sometimes our inspiration comes from television, other times we look for long words on the ingredients section of a bag of Funyuns, then work it into our writing to make us sound intelligent (or like ‘complete inbred moron jackasses‘). Luckily, I don’t have to think too hard about it today. Check out this picture of Fedor as he becomes a Godfather to his spiritual advisor Andrew Zinoviev’s newborn son.


Sorry Marlon Brando, you had your moments in the 1970s, but Fedor is a dude who leaves a trail of ferrous sulfate and folic acid behind in his path of destruction and now he’s been given a mission to guard this infant from inherent danger. Having Fedor serve as your son’s godfather singlehandedly the most rawesome insurance policy you can ever cosign. I’d recommend all his soon-to-be classmates and comrades twice before giving this kid a wedgie.

As this bag of Funyuns, it’s long gone now, but that ferrous sulfate and folic acid hit the spot. [Source]

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