Fabio Maldonado looking to KO a virus and Kingsbury within one week

Most folk sayings are dumb, but one of the worst has to be ‘as sick as a dog‘. Who decided the benchmark for being sick was to be set by dogs anyway? I imagine that being as sick as a wildebeest would be a much more fitting idiom, since they are left behind and picked off by lions and other vicious creatures. It would definitely create a much more vivid scene for your boss at 9AM in the morning. Alternatively, it might interest Kyle Kinsgbury more if you told him that Fabio Maldonado had been ‘sick as a wildebeest’ the week of their fight but still intended to win by KO and add to his current eleven-fight win streak. That’s what Maldonado told Tatame.com anyway:

“I wasn’t good at all, my blood pressured went down, and I had a high fever. I stayed at the hospital and had to take some medicines intravenous. I was shocked and it disturbed me a bit”

“…I hope to do well and knock him down”

The majority of Maldonado’s eighteen wins have come by way of hulk smash. However, Kyle Kingsbury is fresh off a twenty-one second TKO, so regardless of what idiom you deem fit, someone’s head will spontaneously explode this weekend. [Source]

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