Popular Fitness Expert Tells Joe Rogan He Thinks Jon Jones Tried To Play The System

The YouTuber explained to Joe Rogan why he thinks Jon Jones has indeed tried PEDs.

Jon Jones
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A popular YouTuber who has given his analysis on PEDs in combat sports recently spoke to Joe Rogan about Jon Jones’ situation.

Jones has a history of drug testing issues. Ahead of his rematch with Alexander Gustafsson back in late 2018, he was given a pass as USADA determined that an abnormal test result was caused by a pulsing effect. This reasoning was never good enough for Derek of More Plates More Dates.

Derek has broken down Jones’ past drug test failures, specifically the UFC 214 drug test incident. Jones has vehemently denied taking any performance enhancers knowingly.

Joe Rogan Hears Expert’s Take On Jon Jones’ Failed Drug Tests

Joe Rogan had Derek of MPMD on his podcast. During the session, Derek shared his belief that Jones’ claim that he took something tainted doesn’t add up.

“With him if you go back to his first positive test results, I believe he tested positive for clomiphene and Letrozol way back in like 2016 or something. So, if you look at those two drugs one of them is an aromatase inhibitor that you would use to prevent gyno formation usually.

“And then clomid is like a fertility drug you would use to restore testosterone production or in women use it to aid in fertility.

“So, using those two drugs back then, to me, seemed like something you would be doing to either prevent the gyno from what you were using at a time when it was less scrutinous perhaps. And then the clomid, to recover or something was tainted is what his claim was but we already have history of him doing this.”

Derek then went on to say that he isn’t exactly buying the pulsing effect as solid reasoning either.

“After that, he tested positive for turinabol and then thereafter the pulsing. But the thing that’s interesting about that is when [Jeff] Novitzky talks about this pulsing emptory metabolite he refers to — well it’s not him, he’s just reiterating the research.

“Ultimately, they use this reference point of clomid pulsing as kind of a proxy to exemplify, ‘Look, here’s a drug that stores itself in fat tissue and pulses over time.’ So, they use clomid as an example, cause they can’t just give a human a shit ton of turinabol and try to figure out if this is gonna work or not.

“So, they give him this fertility drug or they’ve looked in the data and parsed out this information about clomid pulsing. And they use that as a reference point for like, “Look, there’s a drug that can pulse over time,’ but the interesting thing is Jon Jones literally popped for clomid before but he’s never had that pulse.

“So, he has this turinabol that keeps pulsing but the clomid they used as the reference point of a drug that can pulse never pulsed for him.”

At the end of the day, Derek is convinced that Jon Jones has tried to play the system.

“Ultimately, seeing that level in his urine, testing for a random compound, having in the past tested positive for a fertility drug and an aromatase inhibitor you would only use in the context of drug use essentially, intentionally in most cases, it’s just highly improbable I don’t think that he’s at least tried to do some shit to get around the system.”

Jones has been on the shelf as he continues to prepare for a move up to the heavyweight division. He has come under fire after a domestic violence arrest

“Bones” has claimed to be sober ever since the incident. He has sworn to continue working harder to better himself.

Published on December 3, 2021 at 4:50 pm
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