Evidence that Dana White would fire every person involved in UFC 1

Contrary to popular belief, Gerard Gordeau was MMA’s first frate trane. Dude plowed through a 430lb Teila Tuli in 43 seconds and even kicked three of his teeth out. One tooth flew under the table while the other two remained lodged in Gordeau’s foot for the rest of UFC 1. Doctor’s didn’t want Gordeau competing with an open wound so they left the remaining teeth in his foot to clot the bleeding. In the semi-finals, Gordeau faced Kevin Rosier and managed to slam his hand into Rosier’s brain long enough for his corner to throw in the towel. All of this frate tranery came to an abrupt halt when Gordeau met Royce Gracie. In less than two minutes, Gracie threw down a RNC and the rest is UFC history. History that J Shot decided to dig up and edit to show how ridiculous the production was in 1993.

Check out the clip and be forever grateful of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg’s commentating.

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