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Everyone relax, Overeem vs. Lesnar is STILL on, but under these conditions…

Everyone relax, Overeem vs. Lesnar is STILL on, but under these conditions…

I think we all need to give a giant congratulatory dinner plate to LayzieTheSavage for smuggling his phone inside the Nevada State Athletic Commission courtroom and live streaming the entire process until his cellular device died. At the peak, I counted 2684 people simultaneously viewing his UStream of the NSAC hearing just before his phone battery went into the after life.

So we learned that a few members of the NSAC panel were under the impression that Alistair Overeem’s fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 is his heavyweight debut. We also learned that if you tweet LayzieTheSavage while he’s on his phone, you hear a disturbing buzzing noise, reminiscent of two robots climaxing while having intercourse. Most importantly, we discovered that Alistair Overeem has been granted a license to participate in UFC 141, but under a few nagging conditions.

First, Alistair Overeem must submit a clean drug test within 72 hours of tonight and when he lands in the US for UFC 141. The previous drug test that Overeem submitted on December 7th must also come back sparkling clear. The NSAC also enforced two random drug test to be conducted within six months after UFC 141. Aside from forcing Overeem to urinate in a plastic cup multiple times in the next few days, everything seems to be on track for UFC 141. However, it’s rumored that Frank Mir is patiently waiting to replace Overeem in case something happens between now and December 30th. The drama, you can cut it with a dull butter knife.

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