(Video) Eryk Anders Gets Headkicked By Johnny Lawrence In ‘Cobra Kai’

'Ya Boi' made a cameo in Cobra Kai Season 5.

Anders Cobra Kai

Eryk Anders landed a role in popular TV series, ‘Cobra Kai’. But that’s not the only thing that ‘landed’.

Anders Tangles With Johnny Lawrence

The UFC Middleweight can now call himself an actor after being featured in one of Netflix’s hottest shows. Anders would cross paths with William’s Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence in his acting debut.

The newest trailer for Cobra Kai Season 5 would capture a few seconds of Ander’s encounter with the main star. It saw ‘Ya Boi’ eating a scripted headkick from Lawrence at a MMA event. 

See the scene for yourself. 

Anders Reacts

Eryk Anders would hilariously respond to this shot in the trailer.

“But is that the end of the fight?” Anders wrote on Instagram.

Spoilers Ahead (Sorta)

What the heck are Johnny Lawrence and his son Robbie doing at an MMA event? Well, it looks like the father-son duo are looking for the missing Miguel Diaz in Mexico. 

In the trailer, Miguel is shown at the same MMA promotion. He is standing by what looks to be his biological father. Seconds later, Johnny and Robbie are trying to discover information on Miguel’s whereabouts. 

If you know Johnny Lawrence’s character at all, you know he’s bound to get himself into a fight. This time, it’d be against a MMA fighter played by Eryk Anders. We’ll see how the fight plays out in its entirety, when Cobra Kai returns on September 9th.

Odds are we’ll likely see Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson and Tyron Woodley in this season, too. 

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