Emelianenko’s former opponent claims he knew about Aleksander’s hepatitis before they fought

The ‘Hepatitis Gate’ is the most infectious controversy in MMA. I suggest you get tested after reading this. Last week, KSW co-owner, Maciej Kawulski, broke the news that he severed Aleksander Emelianenko’s contract negotiations upon discovering that Aleksander allegedly has hepatitis C. Since then, Aleksander has denied the allegations and now expects a televised apology.

Redakcja at MMANews.pl had a suspicion that none of us could speak Polish. Well, he was right. Fortunately, he took the time to translate a recent interview he conducted with Miodrag Petkovic, a former opponent of Aleksander Emelianenko who claims that he knew Alek had hepatitis before he stepped in the ring with him a few months ago.

Did you know about this before you accepted the fight?

– “I think it was hepatitis B, not C. You know, a lot of fighters has hepatitis B. I know a lot of them having it.”

Did you know about whole situation before you fought him?

– “Yes, because we have a blood test before and after every fight.”

And did you do it also after the fight, like a few months after?

– “Yes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and AIDS. I’m negative. Before every fight I need to do it. Because of that, Aleksander didn’t make it to fight in USA. But I’m not 100% sure if the blood tests were the only reason why Aleksander didn’t make a deal with guys from states. There could be another reason, like not enough money for the fight.”

Shortly after Redakcja interviewed Miodrag Petkovic, he received a text from the fighter stating that he had another blood test and he should know the results sometime tomorrow. It’s true about the hepatitis B. In fact, 33% of you reading this are infected with hepatitis B and don’t even know it. There’s no cure for the virus, you’re just going to have to live with it…like an annoying in-law. [Source]

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