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Dude in Pittsburgh Uses Sparta Kick to Finish Fight

Dude in Pittsburgh Uses Sparta Kick to Finish Fight

The ranks of amateur MMA are confusing, at times. Sometimes dudes are wearing headgear, sometimes they aren’t. Something they are wearing kickpads, other times they aren’t, but might have headgear. I think it’s about time we just hand the reins over to Jens Pulver and let him fix the whole thing, but that’s just like, my opinion, man. Alright?

The movie 300 has really ruined us as a culture and how we view Spartans. I feel like since then we’ve had a giant surge of Sparta-fetishism, from calling races “Spartan races” to fight teams fashioning themselves as Spartans. Look, Spartans were weird and there is every indication that Spartans had really close, intimate relationships with each other, which I’m not sure that MMA people are all-that comfortable with just yet. Maybe in another time. Until then, nobody is a Spartan, just dudes with smartphones and maybe a beard.

We are also ruined because a powerful teep will forever be the “Sparta Kick.” That’s okay, I guess, for lulz. We do a lot of things for lulz. Lots of things. So I’m letting this slide. For lulz. Skip to 7:46.

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