Pic: Of course Dillon Danis is hanging out with Drake

Dillon Danis Drake

It was all leading to this. Here’s the thing about Dillon Danis, he was due for a baby face turn in 2019. Now he’s out here getting bottle service with Drake.

Danis and Drake are a match made in heaven. These two dudes were made for one another. If this single picture isn’t the start to a beautiful friendship, then MiddleEasy doesn’t know what is.

Just watch, Danis will somehow end up in the background of a future Drake music video. Perhaps a spot on tour with Canada’s one and only hip-hop export. Danis is the type of guy who always falls up.

When Danis stubs his toe and looks down, he finds a $20 dollar bill laying on the ground. This is just how it is.

Danis will continue to get richer and more famous while the MMA world crumbles around him.

Now Danis is only one move away on the chessboard of life from becoming Drake’s full-time personal grappling coach. What a time to be alive. What a time to be a dude in the MMA community who wears sunglasses indoors.

Danis probably has a Bellator fight coming up soon but he’s already 1-0 going on 100-0 in MMA. Watch him walk away from the sport of cage fighting with a perfect record. That’s just how the odds fall when you’re Dillon Danis.

There is no better combat sports celebrity that sums it all in 2019 than good old double D. Commit this picture to memory and wonder where MMA has gone so right or so wrong on it’s current timeline.


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