Did Antonio Mckee have a taste for Jacob Volkmann’s flesh at UFC 125?

I would eat human flesh if it were prepared by a good cook. For some inexplicable reason, I think human and Worcestershire sauce would go well together, and Worcestershire usually tastes good on those gamey meats. I don’t know how much human flesh I could eat, but I would definitely try it, I don’t want to single out all of the other species on our planet. Hopefully I will consume you all eventually. When it comes down to it, there are worse things you could eat than human flesh, anything with high fructose corn syrup, really.

That still doesn’t justify one time Frate Traner Antonio McKee seemingly taking a bite of Jacob Volkmann at UFC 125 like a zombie. Is it photoshopped? The picture comes straight from the UFC fight gallery so it doesn’t look like it could have gotten tampered with, but if Volkmann did get bitten, wouldn’t he have brought that up to Ariel Helwani during his infamous Obama call out? Is this real life? Check out the pics below and decide for yourself.

Props to Lookoutawhale for being way too observant.


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