Danyelle Wolf Ready To Go From Boxing Champion To MMA Champion

Danyelle Wolf
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Boxing Champ Danyelle Wolf Looking To Transition To MMA

Danyelle Wolf is a phenomenal athlete and boxing national champion. Now she is looking to make the transition to MMA, and has been working hard to prepare for it.

At 25 years old, Wolf has always had a pension for athletics. She started off with soccer and basketball, before finding her true passion in combat sports. Here she has amassed 25 wins in boxing, as well as multiple national championships. It was her goal to make it to the Olympics, and compete there.

Although when her weight class was not available in 2012 or 2016, Wolf decided to shift her attention elsewhere – to MMA. Nevertheless, she recognized how tough of a sport it is, and decided to take things slowly. She trained at various gyms, taking the time to hone her skills on the ground, as well as round out her striking.

Finally after some time, Danyelle was ready to make the move to MMA. However things would not go smoothly for her, as she had trouble finding fights both as an amateur, and even as a pro. Apparently she would have fights set up, but once people realized her credentials they would pull out. In that time, the Olympics finally added her weight class in boxing. Therefore she decided to take a break from MMA for a boxing return, ultimately earning a bronze medal.

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In first grade I had an Olympic Dream, in 2013 to 2016 I was the reigning 3x USA National Champion on Team USA and the 2x Continental Champion and many more. In 2016 I was devastated that my weight class was not going to be added to the 2016 Olympic games. I didn’t want to wait around 4 years, so I needed a new challenge, as many of you know I crossed over into the world of MMA, trained at the best mma gyms around the world, followed by a devastating shoulder surgery delaying my MMA debut which healed just four weeks before Olympic Qualifications Trials for the 2020 games. I decided it was my destiny to come back, I owed it to myself to come back now that my weight class was now inducted into the 2020 Olympic Games. With just four weeks to prepare for Olympic trial qualifications, I gave it everything I had and finished the tournament as the undefeated champ. I secured my spot to the Olympic Trial finals of the top 8 girls in the nation and now here I am at Olympic trial finals. The fight I needed to win to get to the championship bout was taken from me unfairly leaving me with the bronze. Not only myself and my team but the crowd as well believed without a doubt that I won that fight. The video footage proves it! It’s one of the most heartbreaking situations I’ve ever been in. To have worked so hard for 10 years and especially the past 9 months for it and not be given a fair chance is gut wrenching. I’m so disappointed with the organization. But with every door that closes I’m eager for what God has in store for me next. I’m not only a talented boxer and mixed martial artist but I have a champions’ mentality and discipline and the possibilities are endless. Announcement coming soon. #wolfpack

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But now she is back focused on MMA, and ready to make her debut.

Under new management and looking to compete at featherweight, Danyelle Wolf is ready to finally make her MMA debut. She is aware that she likely has to jump right into the deep end of the sport, due to her experience. After all, she would not be the first female boxer to be extremely successful in MMA. However, as she explained to MMAJunkie, she is actually looking to simultaneously do MMA and box.

“We’re looking for the organization that sees my potential and sees my ability to not just box but to do MMA,” Wolf said. “That I’m a natural athlete, and my work ethic and my dedication is like no other. So it’s all about finding an organization that respects that, sees my potential and sees what’s in front of them.

“I’ve been a dual-sport, tri-sport, quadruple-sport athlete my whole life, and I would love to be a dual-sport athlete and do MMA and boxing,” Wolf added. “I know it hasn’t been done yet, and we see what Conor McGregor did: He went over and fought Floyd (Mayweather), but he doesn’t really have a background in boxing. But I feel that I’m one of the first athletes that would be really good at being able to do both and do pro boxing and do pro MMA and get one of these organizations to allow and agree to – let’s do both, let’s take over both worlds.”

Well whenever she finally competes in MMA, one thing is for sure; Danyelle Wolf is going to be exciting to watch.

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