So many replays: THE QUEEN IS DEAD – Ronda Rousey got KTFO by Holly Holm!!!!

It was the perfect fight. It was, in fact, one of the greatest performances in MMA history. Holly Holm did exactly what she needed to do in dodging and ducking Ronda Rousey’s aggressive maneuvers. Holly Holm danced, kept the distance, and one by one the punches landed on Ronda’s chin added up. Ronda went for takedowns, but Holly countered. Ronda even almost had an armbar, but Holly pulled her way out and got back to her feet where her movement and length immediately frustrated Ronda. It was incredible.

Ronda’s a bulldog at first, but Holly Holm has been under pressure before, and simply picked apart Ronda Rousey until Ronda was asleep on the mat. It was perfection. Utter perfection.

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