Dana White Says Joe Biden Doesn’t Know Who He Is, History Proves Otherwise

Dana White Reacts To Joe Biden Potentially Winning Presidential Election, Congratulates Tito Ortiz For Winning City Council

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Leading into the 2020 Presidential Elections, Dana White has not been shy about his support of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Now with Joe Biden leading the polls, the UFC President is being forced to face the possibility of things being different than he expected.

The relationship between White and Trump is well documented to this point, dating back to the early days of the UFC. In recent years, the UFC President has been a vocal advocate for the POTUS, speaking in support of him at various rallies. Dana can also attribute a fair bit of the UFC’s success during the pandemic on his relationship with Trump, and the support that Trump has given.


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Joe Biden Knows Who Dana White Is

As things currently stand at the time of writing, Joe Biden is currently leading the election over Donald Trump. Given his relationship with the Don, it was only natural that media wanted to ask Dana White about this, and how a potential Biden Presidency would effect him, following the most recent edition of Dana White’s Contender Series. Here he told media that he was not even sure that the former Vice President even knows who he is.

“I don’t think Biden even knows who I am. I don’t think Biden knows who Biden is,” White said, laughing. “I had to do it! I don’t think he will (come after the UFC). Who knows? I don’t know.”

While it is important to note that Dana White was largely joking in this regard, it should also be pointed out that Joe Biden actually does know who he is. That is exactly what Ariel Helwani noted when he brought up an old interview he did with Dana, while Biden was still Vice President. Here Dana says that he met with Biden and actually seemed to express interest in working with him.

“It was cool (spending time with Biden),” White said at the time. “He was a very nice guy, he was fun to hang out with, and I had a good time. I was honored.”

Either way it seems unlikely that Joe Biden would come after White or the UFC if he becomes President. It is just ironic that Dana spoke so highly of him at the time.

Congratulations To Tito Ortiz

Dana White was asked another somewhat political question at this press conference. This one however, centered more on the fact that former Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz was elected to City Council in Huntington Beach, California. Despite their many differences in the past, Dana had nothing negative to say about Ortiz, congratulating him on the victory.

“Good for him, good for him. Yeah,” White said.


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What do you make of these recent comments about Joe Biden from Dana White? Did it surprise you that he had nothing negative to say about Tito Ortiz?

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