Dana White is going for an Oscar in his new vlog

I know a guy in Memphis, TN that told me Dana White has been rocking a ‘man-purse’ the past couple days. A man-purse is taking it to an entirely different level. The reason why guys don’t have purses is not because it would look tacky, but we would use it for ignorant stuff like grappling hooks to climb buildings. A purse is a fishing hook with a bag attached to it. A purse is an oversized beer coozie for a guy. I didn’t see any evidence of a purse in this new Dana White UFC 107 vlog but I did see enough tension to cut with a butter knife, spread it on toast and eat it with a small orange juice. Check out Dana White’s new vlog which is pretty good…but not as good as our girl Emma May’s new UFC 107 prediction vid. You got to work on that Dana.



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