Dana White On Georges St-Pierre “I’m Going To Be Super Pissed If He Wants To Drop The Title”

If Georges St-Pierre (GSP) doesn’t stay in the middleweight class to unify his championship, UFC President Dana White will be super pissed – and that’s putting it mildly.

GSP left the Octagon for four years following a tough UFC 167 win which left the division in disarray.

Its been nearly a month now since Georges St-Pierre scored a middleweight title in a third-round submission over Michael Bisping at UFC 217 and a new champ is still unsure about his plans.

Previously rumors were surfacing that St-Pierre might not stay at middleweight division it is still unclear will he drop or pursue other fights or unify the belt in a bout with interim champion Robert Whittaker?

UFC president White said on Tuesday; he wants GSP to defend the title, that’s the agreement they made. If he didn’t, I would certainly not be happy. (Via MMA fighting)

“I don’t want to hear that. That’s not what I want to hear,” White told reporters at a media lunch in Las Vegas. “I want to hear he’s going to defend his 185-pound title. That’s the agreement we made. That’s the deal we made when we made the deal.”

Even Georges St-Pierre reiterated a line often during his lead up to UFC 217 fight that it’s written in his deal that his next fight will suppose to be with Whittaker.

As per Dana White, that’s what exactly we are planning too.

“I’m going to be super pissed (if St-Pierre wants to drop the title), and I don’t know where we go from there,” White said. “Go to 170 — who’s better to fight at 170? You’ve got (Tyron) Woodley, you’ve got ‘Wonderboy,’ you’ve got (Yoel) Romero, and then you’ve got Luke Rockhold. F*cking monsters. They’re all monsters. There’s no fight that looks like, ‘Oh, maybe this is the fight for me to take.’ You looked at Bisping like he was a tune-up. You got your tune-up. There’s nothing but f*cking animals at ’85 and ’70.

“Rockhold is massive. He’s massive when he cuts weight. There’s no good options. To sit there and try to handpick people, or where you want to go and everything else, you can’t in this f*cking sport. They’re all nasty. You’re a fighter. Get in there and see who you can f*cking beat. You wanted to f*cking come back. Welcome back, it’s ugly.”

White added, it was GSP who pushed for Whittaker match, written in his latest UFC contract.

“I said, ‘I’ll tell you what: You want to come in and take this shot against Bisping, I’m cool with that, but you’ve got to defend the title,’” White said. “You can’t drop the title after the fight and then go somewhere else. It’s just, my thing is, to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. And when the man just goes away — listen, if a guy is on a run and undefeated then wants to retire, that’s one thing. The guy retires the belt, that’s another thing. ‘Well, I’m going to drop this one and jump to 170 now,’ I don’t like it.

“That’s language in the contract. It’s in the contract.”

Being said that, White shut down the rumors of Mcgregor vs. Georges St-Pierre fight. It must have originated from GSP’s fight camp.

“There’s never been one discussion ever about GSP vs. Conor. Ever. So that’s all internet sh*t that I’m assuming got started on that side,” White said.

Watch below: Dana White hopes GSP will defend his belt

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