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Video: It sounds like Dana White doesn’t know how to evaluate MMA talent anymore

Video: It sounds like Dana White doesn’t know how to evaluate MMA talent anymore

There is a couple of ways to view the first episode of Dana White Contenders Series. One, is Dana White no longer knows what he is looking for in an UFC fighter.

Two, and perhaps the leading contender (puns), is White knows exactly what he is doing and rejected top prospect Brendan Loughnane on some BS, on purpose.

So either the President of the UFC is crazy or he’s crazy like a fox. White’s circa 2005 rant about going for takedowns created controversy. Controversy sells random Tuesday night regional fights on ESPN+. Whatever White’s reason was for rejecting the most talented fighter on DWCS was, it worked.

People are talking. If White looking like a complete goof is a byproduct, he probably does not care at this point.

Sure, White sounds like a man who has no idea what makes a good MMA fighter here, but does it matter? Unless you’re a hardcore Brendan Loughnane fan, does winning a DWCS contract matter?

When the UFC’s roster is 600 fighters deep, does getting dropped in the vast ocean cause any kind of ripples?

Also this did not help White’s case.

The value proposition of Dana White Contenders Series to the UFC’s overall roster building may be too deep of a discussion for a random Wednesday in June. White’s rant about takedowns sounds like something that would of flew fine in the early era of TUF. In 2019? It now just sounds like D. White doesn’t know what he is talking about.

But Dana White just signed a 10 year deal, Loughnane will probably get signed anyway, so what does any of this really mean? What is the meaning of life/the DWCS?

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