Dana White caught Dan Henderson’s agent meeting with the CEO of Strikeforce

Remember that time when you caught your ex holding hands with another guy at IHOP and at that moment you realized that things were officially done? No more drunk dialing or slowly driving by her apartment while peering in to her window. It was finished (and confirmed by her ‘Ashlie went from being “in a relationship” to “single”.’ Facebook status. Damnit Ashlie, give me another chance. I promise I will not use buy one get one free coupons when we go out to Boston Market). This week Dana White was hit a dose of ‘ex-fighter’ drama when he saw Dan Henderson’s agent having dinner with Scott Coker, the CEO of Strikeforce, at the same restaurant White was munching at. Check out what he told MMAWeekly about the unexpected WTFness:

“What are the (expletive) odds with every restaurant in L.A. that I go to, these guys are here?”

“I guarantee the offer I made him, Strikeforce can’t pay…You’ll never hear me say a bad thing about Dan Henderson, other than he’s ugly, and that’s just the truth”

Dan Henderson not hot? Come on Dana, GalsGuidetoMMA has him ranked on their ‘Panty Dropper’ list like every week…right next to Wallid Ismail. [Source]

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