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Dana White Throws Shade at Joanna, Implies Weili Zhang has been Training Harder for UFC 248

Dana White Throws Shade at Joanna, Implies Weili Zhang has been Training Harder for UFC 248

Dana White Throws Shade at Joanna Jedrzejczyk Upon UFC 248

It seems like UFC President Dana White has an emotional cycle with the fighters on the UFC roster. When they’re a hot prospect, they get all the credit they deserve. After that, they become a champion and are held in high regard. If they hit a tough rut or become inactive, that’s when Dana begins to throw shade at the fighters. In the case of Joanna Jedrzejczyk, she’s been through all of the aforementioned phases. And now, it appears she is entering the shade phase as Dana believes she has been on the beach, while Zhang has been training hard for their title fight.

As mentioned, Zhang will be taking on JJ at UFC 248. One of the more interesting facts about the matchup is how it was supposed to take place on several occasions in the past. However, Joanna believed that the UFC was trying to build Zhang’s name off of her, so she respectfully declined.

Dana Throws Shade at Joanna

In retrospect, maybe that’s why Dana White took a small shot at Jedrzejczyk. During his UFC 248 press run, White spoke to the media about the strawweight championship matchup. When the conversation happened, White hinted that he believes Zhang is taking the fight more seriously than Joanna is.

“These two, right now, if you look at Joanna, she’s out at the beach and living the lifestyle. Then you watch Weili Zhang’s posts on Instagram …hardcore training. Non-stop training, all she thinks about is fighting. It’s fascinating. I love this fight,” said Dana.

History of Picking Favorites

As the conversation continued, Dana kept singing the praises of Weili Zhang. Furthermore, a promo released to hype the event showed footage of only Zhang and none of Joanna.

Maybe that part is a coincidence, but if words are any indication of picking favorites, it seems like Weili is in Dana’s good graces.

Eventually, the pendulum swings and the cycle will start all over again.

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