Dan Henderson says he feels pretty confident that he’s going to ‘beat up’ Fedor

There’s a video of myself interviewing Dan Henderson and being dis-invited to his annual summer BBQ before I even asked for an invitation. Dan knew that I was in the process of grovelling and he shut-off all means of communication by quickly walking away. I managed to chase him down and asked him about the fish tacos that he occasionally cooks in Temecula, California. He tried to walk away, but this time I managed to stick my foot in front of his and nearly tripped him. He looked back with a smile and then we hi-fived in the middle of Legends Gym in Hollywood, California. A portion of that story is true, and another portion will be donated to ‘Save the Truth’, a non-profit charity that enables truth to be told within articles. Maybe you guys should just watch this clip of Inside MMA on HDNet with Dan Henderson and Tito Ortiz talking about Fedor Emelianenko. [Source]

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