Ion Cutelaba And Dustin Jacoby Fight To A Split Draw – UFC Vegas 25 Results (Highlights)

Ion Cutelaba goes to war and a draw with Dustin Jacoby at UFC Vegas 25.

Ion Cutelaba Vs Dustin Jacoby
Ion Cutelaba Vs Dustin Jacoby

Light Heavyweight powerhouses Ion Cutelaba and Dustin Jacoby look to settle the score at UFC Vegas 25, especially after their heated face-off saw the two at each other’s throats. 

Round 1:

Jacoby keeps a composed Cutelaba with jabs to keep him away. But this is merely the calm to the storm. Cutelaba would rush in landing an exchange of punches and shot in for a takedown. Cutelaba would pressure Jacoby into the fence with the constant onslaught of punches and take him down to the mat. Each and every time Jacoby would pop back up and eat more of Cutelaba’s mixture of elbows and punches. In the last minute of the round, Jacoby would separate from his foe, landing his own shots from a distance. 

Round 2:

Jacoby would throw a step-in knee which allowed Cutelaba to get the takedown. Jacoby would get on his feet, trying to weather the early storm of pressure from ‘The Hulk’. The tide would turn for Jacoby who would keep Cutelaba on the back foot, stuffing Cutelaba’s takedown in the latter of the round. Jacoby would jab him up regardless of eating some punches from Cutelaba. Jacoby would continue to stalk Cutelaba, finding success on the feet, and managed to slow down the powerhouse that is Ion Cutelaba.

Round 3:

With a newfound confidence and lasting cardio, Jacoby would attempt to pick apart Cutelaba in the last round. But Cutelaba threw every strike he had with bad intentions, hoping to regain his momentum from round 1. Jacoby would go for a flying knee, which Cutelaba saw as an opening for a takedown attempt. Cutelaba would fail to take it to the mat, with Jacoby putting on his own pressure, engaging him with clinch control. Jacoby would finish with two takedowns before the final horn sounded. 

Official Result: Ion Cutelaba vs Dustin Jacoby fight to a split draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28)

Check out the highlights below:

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