Cro Cop officially back with UFC

So everyone did a backflip when it was announced Mirko Cro Cop signed with UFC and that his first fight was going to be in UFC 99 against Mustapha Al-Turk. Everyone did their little Cro Cop dance, ate a couple of spleens in honor of Mirko and then Cro Cop sort of left everyone to fight in Japan with DREAM. Dana White’s head exploded out of raw anger but members of ZUFFA eventually reconstructed his skull using leftover pieces from Pride FC and a little scrap metal (allegedly). So the owner of UFC took a redeye to Croatia to offer Mirko Cro Cop an offer he couldnt refuse…and he didnt.

“I am pleased to return to the UFC, the only global MMA organization. Unfortunately, all the other organizations are lagging behind the UFC at the moment. Japanese Dream cannot compete with Americans financially nor with quality of their fighters either.”

“UFC has become what Pride once was, and has even surpassed it. I will always be grateful to the Japanese, because its there that I made my name in this sport. However, the Dream offer for me was not a challenge.”

Now we do know that UFC 103 still has an opening for a main event, can we get a lttle Cro-Cop/Cheick Kongo action in here? Please? [Source

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