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Cro Cop is back in UFC

Cro Cop is back in UFC

Cro Cop. The only dude on record to do this to Fedor. If you heard of MMA then you’ve heard of Cro-Cop, and if you havent then you’ve just made him really angry. Look at that dude’s picture, he looks like he was genetically engineered to cause pain, hurt and sadness to the entire human race. Mirko Cro Cop looks like the end boss of Contra. Check out his shorts. If green means go and red means stop, red and white checkered means ‘stay the hell away from me before I shove my hand into your belly and drink all your bile.’

Cro Cop hasnt lost a fight in 2 years. His last lost coming from Cheick Kongo (YES! dude is so raw. Ask Banguiz). Now Cro Cop is back in the UFC and he’s ready to capture souls. First up, Mostapha Al-turk at UFC 99, who’s last lost was to Cheick Kongo, weird. 

Read more about Cro Cop coming back to UFC here.

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