Cringeworthy Moment: Wes Sims calls Bobby Lashley a ‘juiced up monkey’

Wearing sunglasses inside is something I don’t care for. We don’t know where this trend came from, but we assume people just started watching poker on ESPN and decided they wanted to emulate Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson’s sex appeal while they rave the night away. Everyone who has put on the shades since Jersey Shore started airing has gotten knocked out or submitted in their last fights with the exception of Cyborg Santos. The rule clearly doesn’t apply to Cyborgs, only humanoids. Tito Ortiz, Jamie Varner, Greg Nagy, and Wes Sims are just a few of the casualties of this tragic fashion faux-pas.

Check out this post fight interview where Wes Sims isn’t blaming the sunglasses he wore into the cage on Saturday’s TKO loss to Bobby Lashley. Instead he’s blaming Strikeforce for letting a “Juiced up Monkey” compete without a drug test and the referee for playing favorites.

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