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Conor McGregor is growing really, really fast. No, literally.

Conor McGregor is growing really, really fast. No, literally.

Rising UFC superstar Conor McGregor is on a trajectory to be six feet tall by October of next year.

According to UFC pre-fight statistics, he was just 5’9” when he knocked out Marcus Brimage in April, 2013. Last weekend, he measured 5’11’’ before his ginormous victory over Diego Brandao. His reach has also grown from 72” to 73” in just over one year.

McGregor is either the most physiologically-hyped fighter of the year, or he absorbed Max Holloway’s height Highlander-style during his decision win in August 2013. But he’s Irish, not Scottish. So that seems unlikely.

Perhaps he’s enjoying some magical symbiotic relationship between his height and his popularity. He gets taller, he gets more popular, and vice versa. So the question becomes, is he naturally like 6’4”? Or will he be throwing midget fights in Tijuana after a come-to-Jesus loss against a true competitor later this year?

For now, that reach advantage will come in handy when he’s patting himself on the back for growing in every possible way this year, at the height of his existence as a mixed martial artist.

Props to Reddit for the image find.

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