Colby Covington Doubles Down On BLM Criticisms: ‘Nothing I Said Was Racist’

Colby Covington Responds To Criticisms Over Comments Made About The Black Lives Matter Movement, Doubling Down On His Sentiments

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Following his win over Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington sparked some outrage by making controversial comments about the political state of the United States. Now that the dust has settled a bit, he has doubled down on his remarks, defending why he said what he said.

There is no denying that Covington is not in the sport to make friends. He has already been extremely outspoken and controversial, specifically with his brash support of Donald Trump. However things amplified worse after he beat Woodley, where he made comments about the Black Lives Matter movement being a sham, among other things. It has led to a beef between he and NBA superstar LeBron James, as well as prompted response from sponsors and Dana White himself.

Colby Covington Doubles Down On BLM Criticisms

If you know anything about Colby Covington, then you knew that he was not going to back down from his stance on these issues. Speaking with the guys at Submission Radio, the welterweight contender decided to reaffirm his comments on the BLM movement. Moreover he thanks Dana White for not trying to censor him from saying what he wants.

“First off, I didn’t say anything that the BLM website doesn’t already advertise,” Covington said. “They advertise that they’re a Marxist group, they advertise that they are a communist group. It’s on their webpage, so it’s not like I said anything that wasn’t already stated and what they’re trying to get their point across as. They’re a domestic terrorist group, they’re a Marxist group. They don’t want equality, they want anarchy. They’re burning and looting our American businesses, they’re killing people, they’re just putting innocent lives in danger. And for what? For what purpose? They don’t have an actual purpose. They’re being led by Democrats, they’re being led by Joe Biden, and they’re fighting for a cause that is non-existent. Where does the Black Lives Matter checks and donations go to? They go to funding a Democratic president.

“Look at the people that the so-called MMA journalists are reporting on,” Colby Covington continued. “They’re asking a guy from London, they’re asking a guy from Nigeria, they’re asking a guy from another country. That’s not even American politics. You’re not even asking people that are from America and know anything about America. So the backlash was not warranted.

“I gotta say, big respect to Dana White for not bowing to the woke mob,” Covington went on. “Dana White is the only commissioner that doesn’t try to force an agenda down your throat. Like basketball, NFL, they try to force a one-sided agenda down your throat. The woke mob, they want to force their politics down your throat and you have to accept it, and if you don’t then we’re not going to pay you. Dana White’s not like that. He’s not trying to limit my free speech. This is America, we have freedoms in America. He’s not telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, and he’s okay with letting me go which way I want to go. That’s what I love most about Dana White and the UFC as a whole, because they don’t limit their fighter’s freedom of speech and they don’t take away our rights. They let us be who we want to be.

“There’s nothing that I said was racist, and there’s nothing I did that was racist. End of story.”

What do you think of these recent comments from Colby Covington?

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