Clay Guida is Blanka

First off, Clay Guida is dope and whoever denies that fact has some inner demons they need to battle with. Clay Guida is friggin redunkulous. Just last night I watched Clay Guida frustrate the hell out of Nate Diaz in UFC 94.

With that said, there is no way Clay Guida is fully human. Absolutely no way. When he gets in the ring you can see this physiological transformation undergo where he starts to hunch over, beats his chest and runs around like a coked out primate. If you don’t believe me, peep UFC 94 again. After the second round his corner man holds a water bottle in front of Guida’s face and Clay just grunts to acknowledge that he wants some.

Lets let the cat out of the bag here. Clay Guida is Blanka from Street Fighter 2. Straight up. If he were to crouch down in a corner and start to electrocute himself I wouldnt even be surprised. I got Guida beating Sanchez on June 20th by head gnaw then mid-air flying spinning ball.

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