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Christmas comes one week early and our gift to you is a new Shlemenko fight

Christmas comes one week early and our gift to you is a new Shlemenko fight

Alexander Shlemenko is not a man who rests on his laurels. He probably doesn’t even know what a ‘laurel’ is, and you know what? Neither do I. That doesn’t change the fact that Alexander Shlemenko fought in Kharbarovsk, Russia last night after just a month’s rest against UFC vet Julio Paulino. The two time Bellator middleweight tournament winner doesn’t want to be rusty for his rematch against Hector Lombard sometime in 2012, and lucky for us Zombie Prophet was able to find this somewhat secret fight from over the weekend. Watch it below. It’s always nice to watch a new Shlemenko fight.

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In Russia, backfist spins you.


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