Chicks who like to choke out dudes

Pretend like you’re getting choked by a chick for a reason other than she caught you in bed with Megan Fox (we totally understand) or you spend more time with your Xbox360 than her (yep, been there too). Alright, now if you’re actually pretending that you’re getting choked, then we wish we were a member of the audience of people that are pointing a laughing at you. Here’s an alternative. Walk up to Cyborg Santos, practically call her ‘unattractive’ and place some money on the chance that you will wake up seconds later in a daze asking ‘What happened?’…guaranteed you’re going to be a few dollars richer. Or you can go with the ‘choke me out, choke me out…no, please don’t choke me out’ route of the dude at ‘Sports Science’ done by none other than your girl (actually my girl, leave her alone) Gina Carano.

Last week has been like attack of the carotid artery. We all remember that reporter guy that, well…got what was coming to him when he practically called Cyborg Santos unattractive which was shortly followed by a rear naked choke. Dude was out in seconds and when he woke up, Cyborg made him say ‘Now who do you thinks going to win?’ It was like something you would see in a prison movie right after someone was just violated in the shower. It’s pretty humiliating to be choked out by anyone, it’s even more humiliating to be choked out by a chick named Cyborg. That’s like having your car stolen by a dude named ‘Robin Hood’. A video surfaced today from a show called ‘Sports Science‘ of Carano easily choking out a dude that changes his mind mid-way through the oxygen in his brain getting cut off. Carano pulled a Renato Babalu and just kept squeezing until his body collapsed. If getting choked out is the only requisite to get this close to Carano then sign my oxygen flow up (along with my dignity). 

Published on June 22, 2009 at 6:37 pm
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