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Check out this video from our sponsor, Red Bull, or we can never be friends again

Check out this video from our sponsor, Red Bull, or we can never be friends again

Red Bull wants to dive into the vast ocean of MMA sponsorships, and they chose as a starting point. There’s your breaking news for today. Go hang that one up on a wall and make yourself a peach sorbet while you’re at it. In fact, make me one too — but just unsweeten the entire thing. I don’t get down with extraneous sugar in my diet. That’s not the MiddleEasy way. Fortunately, Red Bull offers their energy drink in a sugar-free variation, so all is right with the cosmos.

The truth is, Red Bull really wants to get into the MMA sponsorship market, and MiddleEasy is their launch pad. They’ve even provided this nifty video of what they would like to bring to the MMA industry. It’s sleek, stylish and and cool; basically, it’s the exact opposite of my childhood. We’re pretty sure the interest of this video will dictate the involvement of Red Bull in the MMA industry, so be sure to watch it. Besides, Red Bull doesn’t want to get into a market of fickle consumers so make it be known that you would love to see them inside the cage at your next MMA event and support them by watching this video.

Comments are enabled for this sponsored post, so feel free to tell Red Bull how much you want them to get into the MMA industry!

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