Check out Floyd Mayweather’s $40.8 million check from his fight with Canelo

In the UK they spell it ‘cheque’ in Britain’s endless desire to over-complicate simple words. In Canada they call it a ‘bill,’ solely because Canadians gave the middle finger to the rest of the civilized world decades ago. Regardless of how you spell check, Floyd Mayweather just got one in the amount of $40,870,000 — which sort of makes you wonder if Floyd went to Bank of America and asked to cash it in, the entire country’s economic infrastructure would collapse for a few hours.

Floyd actually made $41,500,000, but with $25,000 in anti-doping and a mind-numbing $605,000 in ticket comps, Floyd will walk away from one fight with more money paid to every UFC fighter that fought in 2013.

If you want to break it down mathematically, Mayweather fought for 12 rounds at 3 minute each, with a grand total of 36 minutes of boxing. That comes out to exactly $1.13 million Floyd Mayweather made per minute — and if you want your jaw to drop even further, he earned $18,921.29 per second. Props to @Fight_Ghost for the find.

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