Cheater? Stare at Vitor Belfort’s last ten weigh-in photos lined up side by side and decide

The last three times we saw Vitor Belfort in a UFC cage he was winning the knockout of the night bonus and wrecking the three human beings that dare stood across from him. Then Belfort went away for 18 months and came back with a cross written on the side of his head. What does this sign mean?

Is Belfort bearing the cross for all of MMA’s TRT and PEDs sins? With his fighting style (one decision in his last 11 fights) and nearly two decades of MMA accolades, after a 18 month layoff Belfort should be welcomed back as the UFC’s returning hero. Instead prior to his title fight with UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Belfort has been painted as the clear villain in the simple A-B-C narrative that has been told prior to UFC 187 this weekend.

Did Belfort cheat? Was he ever caught? Has his 38 year old frame changed immensely since 2009? Look deeply into the transforming chest and abs of Vitor Belfort and you will get all the answers you need. If you look long enough Belfort’s body will even answer non-MMA related questions for you. Creepy.

Hat tip to MMA body expert cantbecool on Reddit for the find 

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