Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Buy Jon Jones’s ‘Fugazi’ Break-In Video: ‘It Looks Set Up’

Chael Sonnen Does Not Buy Recent Video Of Jon Jones Chasing A Burglar With A Shotgun

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Recently former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones was making news for a video of him chasing a wannabe robber out of his house with a shotgun. However Chael Sonnen smells something fishy about this situation and thinks that Jon made the whole thing up.

A video was making the rounds a few days of ago of Jones apparently chasing a man with a shotgun. The story goes that Jon caught this man allegedly trying to break into his house. So he chased him down with the shotgun, presumably scaring the man into leaving. Jon then took the security camera footage and uploaded it to Instagram for the world to see.


Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Buy It

Considering the fact that this video was not long after Jon made fun of Anthony Smith for dealing with a home invasion, along with some of the fishiness of the video itself, some people have been questioning the legitimacy of this video. Chief among these skeptics is none other than Chael Sonnen. He took to his YouTube to break down why he thinks that this video is a bit suspect.

“If you go look at that (video) the whole thing looks fugazi,” he said. “I mean this whole thing looks set up. It looks very, very set up. I didn’t catch it at first, I thought it was real. There was an establishing shot, it’s late at night, this guy is looming around, garage door opens up, Jon comes busting out. But if you go back and look at it, there’s a few things that are afoot here.

“First off, just running straight while holding a shotgun was very bizarre,” Sonnen said. “Getting out of a garage door without alarming the burglar was very bizarre. Garage doors make noise, the guy would’ve been gone. The whole thing was just very bizarre, but then Jon captioned it on Instagram to tell us what happened when they went out of scene, which was that he caught the guy in his car and tapped on his driver’s door with the shotgun barrel. 

“Jon was clearly gaining ground on this guy, so the guy got to a car?” Chael continued. “How did the guy get to said car? And then he got to the car and shut the door and Jon had to surprise him with a tap on the window? Wouldn’t the guy know that Jon was there? Oh, and above everything else there was no police report.

“So apparently this never happened,” Sonnen said. “But then it makes you wonder, why would you say it happened? I’m all for a good ruse, I don’t have a tremendous problem with that…in all fairness the whole thing was pretty interesting. But what was the point in that? What was the point in staying a video where your cars are getting looked at but they never actually get damaged, then you bust out of the garage with a shotgun on a camera that’s so fuzzy nobody knows if it’s you or if it’s not you, we just trust that it’s you because you said it was you and put it on your social media. I mean, what was the point of it? What level of attention seeking story and what story were you trying to tell? Or did I have it right the first time and I’m being naive this time, and it really did happen?”

Do you think that Jon Jones really stopped a potential burglar? Or do you agree with Chael Sonnen that there was more to this than meets the eye?

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