Brendan Schaub Tells Ronda Rousey ‘No One’s Feeling Sorry’ For Her, Accuses ‘Rowdy’ Of ‘Playing Victim’

"Big Brown" wants "Rowdy" to have a complete change of mindset.

Brendan Talks Ronda Rousey
Brendan Talks Ronda Rousey - Image credit @rondarousey Instagram @Thicccboy Youtube
  • Brendan Schaub got brutally honest about Ronda Rousey’s issue with the MMA media
  • “Big Brown” suggests that “Rowdy” shows up and talk to MMA media personalities and quit playing the role of the victim

Brendan Schaub is urging Ronda Rousey to try and change her stance on MMA media because nobody is compelled by her narrative.

Ronda needs to move on

Speaking on his YouTube channel, “Big Brown” pointed out that Rousey should stop believing anything she reads online. Schaub defended his fellow MMA media personalities against Rousey’s accusations and insists that nobody from the MMA media circles hate her.  

“If any fighter, any person in the spotlight reads MMA articles like, it’s tough, it’s super dark and they do negative stuff to get clicks but that’s not the narrative on you in the public eye. If Ronda walks the streets, no one’s booing her. No one’s being mean to her. That’s not real, that’s in her head. I think also, she hasn’t talked to anybody in the MMA space. I guarantee you [Joe] Rogan would have her on. I guarantee you Luke Thomas would have her on, Ariel Helwani would have her on. The main dudes in the space would have her on. She’s not reaching out to them, she’s just, ‘Oh, they hate me.’ No,” Schaub began.

“Ronda’s a sweet girl, sweet lady, she’s done so much for the game, I don’t know who she’s surrounded with, I’m not saying Travis [Browne], that’s different. Her management team, her PR team, she has the same manager as The Rock…Whoever’s directing her to take this narrative of playing victim, I’m getting booed if I showed up… all of that sh*t is not the way to go. She just needs to face it head-on. Take your lumps and move forward.”

“People love Ronda but again if she’s online or if one of her managers, someone on her team’s like, ‘Oh man your last interview, people were saying this and that,’ Again, that’s all for click. That’s not real… Go walk the streets, go get ice cream, let me know how many people are mean to you… none. They love her.”

Schaub wants Ronda to talks to MMA media people

Schaub then gave Ronda another profound and unsolicited advice. According to “Bapa,” Rousey should reach out to MMA media people, specifically Joe Rogan, and show humility instead of hoping to get the fans’ sympathy by sticking to the “poor me” narrative.

“She just needs to get on the right platform with the right people and talk to the MMA media. Nobody will take better care of her than Joe Rogan. He has no issues with her, zero and did we all forget Rogan was one of the main ones that hyped her up too?,” Schaub suggested.

“No one’s booing her,” he added. “That’s insane, but your f**king management, taking 10%, this ‘poor me’ story, no one’s feeling sorry for you. You’re one of the greatest to ever do it. Whoever is telling you different, fire ‘em. Show a little humility, say I f**ked up here.”

Rousey has been making headlines lately for constantly blasting the MMA media over her UFC downfall. She is currently working with Netflix for a new film about herself.

Watch Schaub’s full video below:

Published on May 29, 2024 at 10:42 am
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