Bobby Green Reveals A Failed USADA Drug Test Canceled UFC 276 Fight With Jim Miller

"King" Green opened up about why his fight with "A-10" Miller for the International Week card was canceled

Bobby Green
Credit: Bobby Green (via Instagram)

Bobby Green was scheduled to take on Jim Miller in July at UFC 276 but was forced out due to undisclosed reasons.

Coming off a loss to Islam Makhachev in Feb., Green was looking to get back to winning ways against Miller. Green was set to mark his return to action before being pulled from the card without an explanation. As it turns out, there was a failed drug test involved in the situation that we previously did not know about.

Bobby Green revealed that his fight with Jim Miller got scrapped because he failed a USADA drug test

In a 36-minute long video posted to his Instagram, Bobby Green revealed that his bout with Miller got canceled because of a failed USADA drug test on his part.

“I’m training now, I’m getting ready to fight Jim Miller,” Green said via MMA Junkie. “They called me and said, ‘Hey, what have you been taking? You tested positive for testosterone.’ I’m like, what? What? In 20 years, I’ve never tested positive for anything. In 20 years of my sport. What do you mean? … So I come back, take all the pictures, show them all those bottles. They go, ‘Hey, it’s that one right there. DHEA. That’s a banned substance on our list, and you’re now in failure, and the fight is off.’ A week before the fight. I’m crushed.”

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA is considered an anabolic agent by USADA, which prohibit its use in and out of competition.

Green could get a longer suspension

The length of Green’s suspension is not yet clear. He shared that he could have had a lengthier suspension had he come out earlier and that he could still see more time added to his penalty based on how he informed his fans about the situation.

“It is what it is,” Green said. “If that’s what they want to do, give me more time because I took something from Walmart that I had no idea was a banned substance, so be it. But, I do want to let you guys know that it’s not USADA’s fault.

“It’s my fault. I’m taken wrong in this. I f*cked up and I take responsibility. I was a jackass. I’m the one that made the mistake. I take all responsibility. … I apologize to my friends, my family. My son was supposed to come to this. Like, guys, I was f*cked up. When they told me about this sh*t I cried for like three or four days, I’m not gonna lie.”

First-time offenders are usually handed a suspension of a year or two. Green will likely sit out for the rest of the year and not return until late 2023. More details are expected to follow soon.

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