BJ Penn kind of breaks down Diaz/GSP for us

BJ Penn seemed about as happy to be in Moline, Illinois in November as any Hawaiian could ever be, which is not very. Granted he had something to be happy about, his face has healed at a very Wolverine-like rate since getting punched in the face by Nick Diaz 257 times last weekend (which you will see in the video), and frankly I think BJ Penn knows he has a dome that can withstand punishment both aesthetically and professionally. It’s really quite incredible, the dude has been punched in the octagon upwards of a thousand times and he’s still never been knocked down, and depending on whether his retirement sticks we may say he was never knocked down. It was with the upmost respect and awe for The Prodigy’s freshly-healed face that I asked him to break down a fight that he has intimate insight into; GSP/Diaz.

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