At least Shane Carwin can’t hit a 50ft jumper…

It’s amazing that Shane Carwin can hold a basketball with his ginormous hands without crushing it like my ex-girlfriend’s ego when I told her Kristin Kreuk is the most interesting chick in the world. I always try to throw in a couple Kristin Kreuk mentions every month so that by some strange circumstance she’s reading MiddleEasy, she’ll know that I exist. It’s my pathetic attempt to passively spit game at a chick that lives 3,000 miles away. At least I can beat Shane Carwin in a half-court game of basketball. Well damn you social media, maybe I can’t.

Check out this video of Shane Carwin sinking a 50ft jumper yesterday in Southern California. Maybe the Phoenix Suns can pick him up so they won’t get swept by the Lakers next week. Oh, I kid…but I’m serious about the Suns. [Source]

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