Anderson Silva says he will NEVER fight Lyoto Machida

Normally I associate Jack Daniels with liquor but today I met a mechanic also named Jack Daniels. So now when people say ‘Hey Zeus, want some Jack Daniels and Coke’ I have to think, well maybe they are referring to that mechanic that I met. In that case, ‘No, I don’t need my car fixed, but I will take soda’. Alright, that had nothing to do with Anderson Silva. I’m pretty sure Ando doesn’t drink rum, he’s took busy dodging tennis balls and building a shack in his backyard for the UFC middleweight belt (because it’s going nowhere). Dude’s (maybe) banging against Vitor Belfort at UFC 108 but everyone and their mother, step-brother, drunk alcoholic uncle and dude that knows you by your first name at Wal-Mart wants to see Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida. It’s not going to happen people. Never. Not even if you cross your fingers really hard and sacrifice a small mammal to the MMA gods (just kidding PETA). In an interview with Fighters Only magazine, Silva makes this abundantly clear: 

“There isn’t that possibility. I’m Lyoto’s friend, I like him a lot, and I think it’s hard for anyone to beat him. There is no money that will make me fight him. Dana White can forget about that…I´m very happy with my belt, I don’t need more belts.”

Now everyone can stop kicking that dead horse and dispose of its corpse accordingly. [Source]

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