All of Canada loves being stimulated by the UFC

My mantra lately has been: “blame the economy”. I use it for everything, sales quotas not met and I’m losing the Glen Ross account: blame the economy. Sprain my ankle playing a pickup game of basketball with a highly motivated group of sixth graders at the 375th street Y: economy. When I microwave my frozen burrito just a little too long and the ends are dried out and stiff: it’s the weak economy, dude. It works for everything.

Unfortunatly, Zuffa is ruining my excuses for being a weak salesman while I hobble around eating a dried out burrito, the UFC is a veritable revenue generating machine. Ontario News Room proves this point with a pleasant video about the UFC’s economic impact on their province.

Ontario should get 30-40 million in generated revenue. Not bad considering Canada’s economy shrunk recently (whatever that means). Also, since the Olympics lost Vancouver heaps of cash, I think this proves the UFC should be running three shows a week and Dana should be given the nickname of ‘The Stimulator’. Lets do it, I’m down to watch 12 hours of MMA a week, I already do it with football.


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