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Ah, cool. UFC 175 Embedded: Episode 2 is here for our enjoyment

Ah, cool. UFC 175 Embedded: Episode 2 is here for our enjoyment

I don’t know if people really think deeply into the title Embedded for this fantastic UFC web show. Maybe they do. I know that I do, and I’m constantly wondering if they mean embedded as in an embedded journalist or embedded as in this video is produced for the net and you should share and embed it. 

I like to think it’s the later, but honestly we may never know. It’s this air of mystery around mixed martial arts that intoxicates us, all the way down to seemingly innocuous titles of Vlogs.

I could go on and on about Embedded. How it’s one of the best pieces the UFC has ever produced and blah blah blah, but then that would take away from words that I could dedicate to LayzieTheSavage. 

Look at him. He’s basically the star of this week’s series leading up to UFC 175. Damn I miss California and being able to drop by Ronda’s gym as quickly as LA traffic would allow.

Check out the just-dropped Embedded episode 2. I will place episode 1 right underneath episode 2. **** fell through the cracks the last few days, and you need to be watching these without missing a second.

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