A Lesson in Street MMA: Wrestling may be the best base for backyard fights

Street MMA is backyard MMA

Why do so many Street MMA participants begin bouts with their hands down? Behind their back? They say Street MMA is 90% mental and in the case of backyard MMA it’s closer to 97% a game of mental horseshoes set-up near the unused bocce ball court.

In this lesson of backyard MMA we learn the value of a takedown defense, a good chin and have a grass fighting surface next to your BBQ. Watch as our dude in the black tee takes an unchecked punch right on the chin.

Our hero then puts on a wrestling clinic next to the grill and some lawn chairs. Get this man the cookout side dish of his choosing ASAP.

H/T to senior backyard MMA correspondent @DesmondMadden for the find

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