A Lesson in Street MMA: If you bring a bat to a fight, be prepared to be hit by the bat

Street Mma Bat Fight

This game plan went horribly wrong so fast. For Street MMA fans who like to cosplay as 1998 Crow Sting this lesson is for you.

It really is taking every power in our being to not just hashtag this white folks and peace out. There is a lot going on in this video and multiple fights going on at the same time. The street lesson begins with two dudes just throwing haymakers in the front yard.

Seems like a good reason to hit record on the old Samsung while holding your phone in a vertical position. This could be a good scrap but then a young female brings out a red aluminum bat.

Oh really?

Will she use it? Does she even know how to use it? Would be a shame if the bat got taken away from her and then used against her.

Yup, a god damn hilarious shame.

If you’ve watched the video multiple times already, then you will notice our purple clad hero eats a jab right to the teeth as well.

Humble shout out to the mom getting nowhere trying to break up this ruckus. Just no respect and no authority, but she does yell a lot, prior to getting punked.

Beat her ass Rachel girl is the real MVP of the entire Street MMA occurrence. Print that out on a shirt and cash in on your Internet fame. Catch me outside has nothing on beat her ass Rachel.

Cheers to the plans of mice, men, and suburban chicks getting bashed repeatedly with a metal bat.

H/T to @JESnowden for the find.

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