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A fighter’s worst nightmare: Check out this upkick KO from Cage Warriors 67

A fighter’s worst nightmare: Check out this upkick KO from Cage Warriors 67

Since we’re on the topic of Cage Warriors yet again on MiddleEasy, let me tell you about the story of when I tried to trick the guys at Cage Warriors to send me to some European country, but I failed horribly.

A few weeks ago Cage Warriors had an event in Denmark and I DMd their Twitter account informing them that someone from within Cage Warriors told me they would fly me down to Denmark in order to cover their upcoming event. This message was relayed within Cage Warriors and eventually one of the execs from the promotion contacted me in order to locate who actually stated I would get a free trip/board for their Cage Warriors 66 card. I eventually came clean and told them I fabricated the entire thing in order to somehow get a free plane ticket to Denmark, and then the guy I was talking with suddenly took a stern tone and firmly said ‘Cage Warriors doesn’t pay for media, I’m sure MiddleEasy makes enough money that you can afford to fly here on your own free will.’

Egh, guess those guys at Cage Warriors don’t have a sense of humor. However they do have some gnarly upkicks, as illustrated by this one that went down at Cage Warriors 67.

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