10th Planet’s Scottie Epstein talks about ‘Never Back Down 2’

Over last year’s Christmas holiday, I found myself trapped in a hotel in Amsterdam called ‘Citizen M,’ snowed in and methodically watching ‘Never Back Down’ translated in Dutch. I never knew who Amber Heard was until that night. I remained snowed in for two days and completely neglected MiddleEasy. There’s something about being trapped in Amsterdam that will do that to an individual. However, you don’t care about my personal mishaps in Europe. Not at all. You came here to read what 10th Planet’s Scottie Epstein has to say about the newly released ‘Never Back Down 2.’


[important title=”Who coordinated the action sequences and MMA sequences in the movie?”]” I coordinated most of it, especially when it came to the jiu jitsu parts, but there is also Larnell who is a very big fight coordinator and has won numerous awards and he welcomed me into helping and we learned from each other.”[/important]


[important title=”How did you get involved in the movie?”]”I met Michael Jai White in a restaurant with a friend who was a big fan of Black Dynamite and Spawn and he got all excited so I said what’s up. I’ve known him before from Legends. So when he saw me he was all excited saying what’s up and then he said “oh, I thought you were someone else”, and I was like you don’t know me? And started talking shit. So he is starting to register it cause he is from the east coast and he’s getting my sense of humor and then blah blah blah he says he’s making this Never Back Down movie and stuff. So I said if you need anything for the Jiu Jitsu let me know, I’m down, and heactually asked if I acted and I said yeah. So he sends me the script and he tells me the character is me and I just had to meet with the producers and execs but no one else came in. He knew the part was for me.”[/important]


[important title=”How does it differ to do a “jiu jitsu stunt” rather than, say, instructing a technique?”]”The only difference really, because you can stunt do it, is how many times you have to do something over and over and over cause they need different angles and they don’t go as smooth. Or if your with someone who doesn’t really know jiu jitsu, they don’t really move like someone who knows it would. So I’m trying to fix him into setting up the moves properly. It’s not like a punch where it’s so far away and you have to time it and whip your head, it’s different.”[/important]


[important title=”How will this movie differ from Warrior?”]”I can’t compare it to Warrior because I haven’t seen it and don’t know much about it. I hear it has a good story and it isn’t even really about fighting as much as you would think but I don’t know I’m not sure. I know they have bigger budget.”[/important]


[important title=”How will Never Back Down 2 improve the world’s perception of MMA?”]”I don’t think it will improve it. I don’t. I mean, it’s the only MMA movie that has real stuff fight wise. There are submissions and heel hooks and of course there will be a positive message and in the movie I’m portrayed as a bad guy. I don’t think I’m a bad guy but then again I don’t consider myself a bad guy in real life but some people have a differing opinion.”[/important]


[important title=”What is the main difference between Never Back Down 1 and 2?”]”It’s more reality based. The other one was more campy and for teenage girls and this is more for fighting.”[/important]


[important title=”What does your experience with no gi BJJ with Eddie Bravo help you with in these fight scenes as opposed to gi?”]”If all my experience was with gi and that’s what I taught I could still be in the movie I would just have different grips just like how I’ve been in fights without the gi. I’m not looking for collar chokes I’m controlling the wrists (phone rings) your phone’s not ringing, there are all kinds of things that are different. I could do it but it’s different set ups. Most of the stuff I use is with no gi set ups and things Eddie taught me but it’s a movie.”[/important]


[important title=”How do you feel about the opening of your new gym? What do you have in store for the future?”]

“My teaching capabilities, my loyalty to my students and I care. I’m not here for a paycheck I’m going to call them when they are injured and I’m here to develop these guys. I will drive them to the doctor. This is where I want to be.

I want a box of every MiddleEasy shirt ever made in medium ever. Thank you.”


Since you’ve read the interview, it only makes sense that you watch the trailer for ‘Never Back Down 2.’

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Published on October 19, 2011 at 5:32 am
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