Dada 5000 – From Bellator Clown To The Biggest MMA Benefactor

Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris MMA Fighter

MMA is known for many controversial fighters, but when it comes to Dada 5000, he holds the title among the biggest fakers MMA has ever seen. This street background fighter was expected to break many noses but became a symbol of a mockery instead. Maybe his real occupation should be the circus artist or a comedian.

Dhafir Harris, known as Dada 5000, is 46 years old and 6 ft 3 inches (191 cm) tall. Dada is more than paradox – a strong looking guy who will be remembered as the biggest clown, liar, false victim, and the guy with the most unrealistic statements ever.

He will also remain famous as one of the fighters who were totally unable to turn their threats into reality. Maybe Dada 5000 and Chael Sonnen should have been brothers in arms.

Dada 5000 – Record

Dada 5000 had got only three fights during his career, and he earned the score of 2-0-0, 1 NC. Dada defeated Cedric James at Action Fight League – Rock-N-Rumble 2 on March 5, 2010, via KO, and Tim Papp at MFA – New Generation 4 on February 12, 2011, on February 12, 2011, via TKO.

This bragger can be measured with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr, according to the difficulty of words! Common, if his score is 47-0 in the street fights, have all of his opponents been 50-year-old bald guys with lung or vision issues? Or he was fighting girls and 15-year-old boys?

Dada 5000 became MMA legend for his almost no-touch fight with Kimbo Slice and multiple extraterrestrial controversial statements which question common sense. On the other side, he has always been a capable businessman – even the documentary was filmed in his honor.

Kimbo Slice Vs Dada 5000 – One Of The Worst Fights Ever

At least you cannot say that Dada 5000 wasn’t doing a great promotion! Just take a look at this post! He was very optimistic and calling it the biggest show! Well it was… but in a different way.

In the fight of two fighters with the street fighting background, Kimbo Slice faced Dada 5000 at Bellator 149, on February 19, 2016. The funniest thing – Dada 5000 was talking about aggression, explosiveness, and throwing knockout blows before the fight!

Both fighters gassed almost immediately and looked like they were throwing punches under water. Shockingly, the fight continued for two more rounds, increasing the number of boos every second. With only a minute and a half left of the fight, Kimbo Slice missed with something that looked like a left hook!

The air flow must have been lightning fast since it made Dada 5000 collapse to slamming his mouth and nose off the floor, and Kimbo originally won via TKO. It was later announced that Kimbo Slice was tested positive for steroids and the fight was overturned to no contest.

Dada 5000 had severe kidney issues and claiming his heart stopped twice, and he was taken to the hospital. Looks like dropping 40 pounds wasn’t the best choice he could make, especially in combination with too much trash talk. Take a look at his deleted Instagram post.

But Dada has always been a warrior. At the moment when his spirit goes out of his body, he writes “to beat me, you’ve got to cheat me”? Hard to kill, scare, or defeat…you should really be a madman to joke with your life! One thing is certain – Dada 5000 remains warrior forever and never surrenders!

Dada 5000 – Beef With Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan claimed Dada’s heart stopped because it was full of “cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and orange soda”, and Dada’s family accused him of bullying. Joe added this is possibly the worst fight he has ever seen, and Bellator “can’t keep doing fights” like that one.

Dada 5000 – Kimbo Slice Controversies

Dada 5000 claimed he was poisoned before the fight. Looks like Kimbo Slice put some magic potion into his bottle, cause “something in the water was definitively not clean, Kimbo’s been there before”, according to Harris.

Dada was claiming the event was designed for Kimbo slice to come on steroids and demolish him. Dada’s urine was taken 30 minutes before the fight and it was good. But Dada claims that they said Kimbo that he has not passed the drug test after the fight. Common, who is insane here? Special anti-doping procedure for Dada?!

Dada 5000 – A Dedicated Businessman

Dada 5000 is a founder of the local street fighting league. The events were held in the backyard of his mom, Eleanor Stewart, in West Perrine, Miami. She has never said anything against it.

Authorities shut his backyard promotion down in 2007 but he turned it into something bigger and legit – Backyard Brawls Extreme Fighting Series. He is hoping to gain more popularity in his league.

Dada 5000 – Documentary

Dawq Fight is a documentary movie that describes the career and personal life of MMA fighter Dada 5000. It was directed by Billy Corben and produced by Alfred Spellman. The movie was released on Netflix in 2015. Some parts of the movie show the brutal sport of no holds barred and bare-knuckle fighting.

Alex Caceres, a current UFC Bantamweight competitor, was one of the known faces who participated in Dawg Fighting.

Dada 5000 has challenged Anthony Joshua on Instagram in 2017. Dada was claiming that nobody knows who boxing Heavyweight champ is since Mike Tyson left. Their fight never happened.

Dada 5000 – Ultimate Message

Even today, his recent post confirms he is trying to put people away from criminal activities and gangs. He believes knights inside the octagon are better than heroes in the street.

Dada 5000 has been everything in martial arts – a promoter, judge, fighter, and manager. Despite he earned his legendary reputation by an almost fatal event, look at the bright side. When you see the way he cheated death and the will to fight until the last bell, the message he has sent to the young population will be echoing for many more years.

The league he created has a deep hidden message. His goal was to give people a chance to feed their families and let them compete, feel the adrenaline and choose the right path. Dada 5000 should be remembered as a good man who gave his life to MMA. Even when he was breaking the law, he was doing this for others, for the common good.

Maybe he wasn’t the best man inside the octagon, but he should become a Hall Of Famer for what he did outside of it. What do you think, how many lives has Dada 5000 saved?

Published on May 25, 2018 at 12:00 am
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