You have to see this recreation of the T2 chase scene in GTA V

I’m now willing to admit that my expectations were simply far too high for GTA V. Specifically, GTA: Online. I still played for hundreds of hours, loved the game and the MiddleEasy Crew entered the top 200 crews in the world at one point, but that doesn’t change the fact that the game wasn’t balanced, had ‘hella’ bugs (Northern California slang) and didn’t really do enough to push forward the online activities that we had already seen in GTA IV and Red Dead. But like I said before, it was still a lot of fun. You can’t say it wasn’t.

Hopefully we’ll get a next-gen remaster or a PC release soon, so we can see the game as it was meant to be, not held back by last-gen hardware, and let the modders innovate how they always do. Still, we are getting some great fan-made content from the 360 and PS3 versions of the game, like this recreation of the T2 chase scene. it’s a testament to how great GTA V was/is. Now if only we could all get back together and do some heists already…

And here’s the original scene for good measure:

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