Wolf Among Us Episode Four Drops May 27th, yussssss

Telltale Games might be killing it with The Walking Dead Season Two right now, but there are indeed complaints that TWD S2 is a bit less action-oriented and that there aren’t really any puzzles to speak of right now. Everything seems a bit straight-forward with their focus on storytelling. It has made for some compelling moments in gaming history, but for those looking for a bit more action in their Telltale interactive adventure games, The Wolf Among Us brings that classic noir feel with every episode featuring some solid action as well.

Episode Four is set to be released next week, May 27th on PC and PS3, May 28th on Xbox 360 and May 29th for iOS. We are reaching a boiling point in this first season of The Wolf Among Us, with Bigby stumbling upon something much darker, much more sinister than he had originally thought, leaving players hungry for more. At least the wait isn’t much longer, right?

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