We’re that much closer to the first new game for Bungie since 2001, July 17th the Destiny Beta launches

Destiny is going to be the first non Halo game that Bungie Studios has developed since developing the PC version of Oni. Yea, it’s been a while. Here’s a list of things to show you how different that time was.

Fedor wasn’t even in Pride at this time.

Michael Jordan was still retired and didn’t even play on the Washington Wizards yet.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Was still alive.

Death was still a band and Chuck Schuldiner was still alive.

Napster was still alive and illegally kicking.

The Gameboy Advanced was yet to be released.

2001 was a very different time, well on July 17th for PlayStation owners and July 23rd for Xbox owners, you’ll get into the Beta for Bungie’s new game, Destiny. Man, 2001 was a strange time.

Toffee is underrated. This has nothing to do with this article but it’s something that needed to be said.

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